Gameloft’s Dragon Summoner Lands In Play Store


Gameloft’s new presentation, Dragon Summoner is launched and is now available for both Android and iOS. You can download the game from their respective stores. For ease we have also embedded links below the articles.

dragon summoner

Its a TCG (Trading card game) but in this game you’ll do everything your power to stop them instead in other games where it allows players to harness the power of dragons for their own use.

Dragon Summoner Features:

  • Collect, fuse & strengthen over 200 gorgeous cards inspired by fantasy and manga!
  • Warriors, Mages or Hunters: Choose your allegiance and fight the magic dragons for the survival of your kingdom.
  • Deploy your strategy by forming and leveling up your team of heroes to bring out their full power!
  • Complete tons of fast-paced, visually immersive quests & battles!
  • Ally with your friends online to defeat fierce Raid Dragons.
  • Battle other players with your cards online to prove your valor and loot some of their treasures.

To dflwonoad head over to link below.

Dragon SummonerGoogle Play Link ; Apple App Store


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