Google app v7.9 teardown shows “At a Glance” feature, “Favorites” feature in the works and more

A new update to the Google app bumps the version of the AI search to v 7.9. It doesn’t come with new features. The folks at AndroidPolice delved into the code of the app to find what Google is cooking for the future and they found some strings hinting at a Google Feed-like feature and a feature to save images and web pages to browse later in the Google app. A new mysterious “Eyes” feature was also found floating in the strings.

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At a Glance – (Google Feed – like feature)

With this feature, Google will be pulling the highlights of your day’s work from Calendar, Gmail, and Maps and put it in a feed. The strings in the teardown only show toggles to switch on and off specific items from the pulled info like unusual traffic on your regular commute, and information about your upcoming flights. The feature is akin to the Google Feed that we already know.


Google is the go to source for images and web pages for many. What Google does not do well is provide an easy way to later access them in the app. With the “Favorites” option, users will soon be able to do that. However, they’ll need to be online when they do this. It’s exactly like the Save to Google service, but Google might add this feature in the native app.


Some strings appear with the name “Eyes” that bring to mind the Google Lens project that has been in the works. If it does allude to Lens, then it obviously won’t run without an Internet connection. But this is something that will take time.


Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum
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