Google Brillo gets New Hardware Partners


Earlier in 2015 Google announces its new project Google Brillo. Brillo is the actual operating system based upon Android but optimized for smaller connected devices and will use a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios for communication.

google brillioNew companies indicating they plan to support Project Brillo cover a wide variety of devices and include:

  • LG: We’ve seen LG try “smart” appliances for a couple of years. Brillo and Weave will help make their appliances less reliant on specific apps and phones for control, which will be a good thing for everyone.
  • Marvell: The EZ-Connect MW300 and MW302 microcontrollers will support Weave, which means any company can buy them and add Weave support to their line of products with relative ease.
  • Harman: A the “first systems integration partner” for Brillo and Weave, their speakers line will be updated to support the protocol this year. Additionally, Harman pledges to “simplify the design process for manufacturers by providing support throughout the entire development cycle” to make getting other products to market less problematic. Sounds cool, right?
  • Asus: In a move that should surprise exactly no one, the second company to makeGoogle’s OnHub routers — which will work directly with Brillo and Weave once the feature is activated — has pledges support for their products in this new IOT setup.
  • Kwikset: As one of the biggest of several “smart lock” companies that have been evolving their product line over the last couple of years, Kwikset is well positioned to work with Google on a line of smart locks that plays nice with every Android phone.

For now we have to wait to see whether Google’s Brillo can help bring some order to the IoT devices consumers may be interested in. This looks good as many major companies jumping into the nice development for the Google Brillio.

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