Google Chrome to withdraw Adobe Flash by the end of 2020


From last few years, Google is continually working to displace Adobe Flash with modern web technologies on the Chrome browser. Google says that it has plans to completely remove Flash usage from Chrome by the end of 2020. In 2013-14, almost 80 percent of Chrome users visited Flash enabled websites compared to a jaw-dropping 17 percent in the current scenario (as depicted in the graph below).

Google is slowly phasing out the Flash-based content to HTML5 on the Google Chrome. In December last year, Chrome started displaying HTML5 content by default. After HTML5 defaulted on the Chrome browser, the websites require users to manually enable Flash in order to view the flash-based content.

With Flash usage dropping at a high pace, Adobe has recently announced that it would cease development and distribution of Flash Player at the end of 2020. Adobe itself has shifted its focus on HTML5 and modern web technologies which are faster and more power-efficient. Furthermore, there are several security benefits, as well as increased cross-platform support.

Adobe Flash will soon be a thing of the past and the time is approaching near when you’ll need to say — Goodbye Flash!

SOURCEchromium blog
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