Google Goggles 2 With More Functionality and Advancement Coming Our Way


Google is extensively testing a new version of Goggles, named as Google Goggles 2. The new version will allow our camera app to do the stuff for you. You don’t need any third party app for it.

google goggles 2

As per the source it is expected that Google will frame the new feature into the Google Camera app or appropriate Android device’s Camera app. Google this time will allow user to select the image or object from the picture about which information is needed. Further, they will provide information such as where you can buy this item, its price, information about the object and other information based on the object you have selected.

In an example source has provided an image with a mug and tape dispenser. Through which user has selected a mug and Google prototype is showing information about it.

This feature is available via Google Goggles upto some extent but whole new functionality will be available via your native camera app in coming time.

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