Google has finally achieved its Renewable Energy goal

Google has just posted that they have completed their renewable energy goal. Now we know that most of you aren’t aware of Google’s goal, so last year Google has declared that we will purchase enough renewable energy that can match energy we consumed last year. So according to them, they have achieved their energy associated aim and their renewable energy purchase has even overreach their energy consumption all over the world. For in-depth information consider reading the entire story.

google has finally achieved its renewable energy goal

Now to make it easy to understand, they have purchased each kilowatt-hour of renewable energy to balance the every kilowatt hour of energy they have consumed earlier. By reaching this goal they are now the first public cloud firm and a company of their level to reach this level of superiority. It means that they have entirely used the renewable energy that has been derived from various sources like Solar setups, Wind, etc.

This next level step from Google will contribute to saving energy for the future generations. Earlier in 2017, they have made the announcement for it and now they can proudly say that they have achieved their goal. This will encourage other major companies as well to purchase renewable energy as it has been generated through farms where on large-scale solar panels and windmills are placed. Google has also hinted that in future they have plans following which they will increase the use of renewable energy, and this step sounds good for our environment as well. For more Tech updates stay tuned to us.

Akshay Dua
Akshay Dua
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