Explained: Tech behind the Super Slo-Mo Videos on Galaxy S9 devices

From the beginning, Samsung is highly creative for their smartphones and the biggest example of it in 2018 is the recently launched Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices. The Camera of these smartphones have some distinct features which hardly any smartphone offers at present, the new Galaxy devices can record footage at whopping 960fps. The all-new variable Aperture feature found on the Galaxy S9+ was the showstopper here, we have never experienced these sort of features on a smartphone yet. Well, today we will see the tech behind the Super Slo-Mo Videos on Galaxy S9 devices.

explained: tech behind the super slo-mo videos on galaxy s9 devices

Undoubtedly, Samsung has done an impressive job in the Camera department, but just give it a thought how Samsung has achieved this level of superiority? Don’t bother your brain too much. Today in this story we will be taking a close look at the technology behind that Super Slo-mo feature.

How Samsung handles Slo-Mo Videos on galaxy S9

Barriers that Samsung has eliminated?

Samsung is using great camera sensors for their smartphones from a long and in Galaxy Note 8 as well we have witnessed a crazy CMOS(Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) sensor that delivers bright and sharp images. As per Samsung, they were facing some issues even with these modern sensors, these sensors tend to expose image sequentially which further leads to distortion. And with the Galaxy S9-series devices, their aim was to overcome these problems and to deliver a completely new system. Their goal here is to develop a CMOS sensor that should be fast enough to shed that distortion. The idea Samsung here applied is that Super Slo-mo videos can make their smartphones stand out in the overcrowded market. The problem they were facing was lack of processing power as it requires a lot of juice to process those 960 fps.

How they solved the existing problems – Super Slo-Mo Videos work

explained: tech behind the super slo-mo videos on galaxy s9 devices
As we discussed above the major problem here was to process that mammoth amount of frames. So in brief to process all that information their sensor needs to be faster. Samsung developed a system which was 4 times faster than the one implemented on their previous devices. To solve that problem they have used an image sensor that is composed of a 3 layer technology. The first layer has a CMOS sensor, the second layer contains a circuit which is 4X faster and the last layer possesses a DRAM which keeps that information in memory.

Result: Slo-Mo Videos Galaxy S9

explained: tech behind the super slo-mo videos on galaxy s9 devices
After putting too many efforts the result is in front of you. The devices can even detect motion in a video and can automatically start the super slo-mo mode. What the device does is it records a 0.2 sec super slo-mo video and then slow down it which results in a 6 sec footage. For some, it might be a limitation but Samsung may improve it with the upcoming updates. Recording that 0.2 sec video sounds impossible but believe us all the job gets done with the help of Samsung motion detection feature. With the help of S9-series devices, one can also covert those slo-mo videos into GIF format. It will make them compressed ranging between 5-15MB’s. So sharing those videos on social media wouldn’t be an issue here.

For more detailed facts you can visit the official Samsung website.

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