Google Reveals an Entirely new Messaging experience called “Chat”

Day by day new Android devices are coming to the market which are more refined, more powerful and yet more affordable. By owning these devices we can enjoy our daily tasks including messaging, phone calls, Internet and Gaming easily. Although have you ever wondered that how we are slowly getting away from the traditional messaging app? This all has been happening because of the overcrowded options of online messaging apps and traditional message app simply falls short in terms of modern features. Google will be soon coming with something new and distinctive known as “Chat”.

google reveals an entirely new messaging experience called "chat"

Google has earlier tried its hand in messaging apps like Google Allo, Hangout, etc but now they are coming with a whole new concept. According to the Source Google is coming with a new project known as Chat, this will change the way how we look at messaging app. Every Android handset comes with an inbuilt messaging app which as mentioned above fails to feature the latest trends. Google Chat service is not an entirely new app and instead of that, they will embed this functionality somehow into the existing messaging apps on our smartphone.

This upcoming Chat will be based on the “Universal Profile for Rich Communications Services” and with this Google will gonna streamline the messaging service. This will refine the messaging app on our Android devices with some much-awaited features like GIF support, Audio/Video support, Google Assistant support, etc. Everybody knows that Apple has a more performing weapon known as iMessages that is more secure and in one word ahead of the messaging platform on Android. So this is to make you clear that Google is not trying their hands on something similar to it and instead of that they are cooking an entirely new recipe.

In near future we may see its rollout on a majority of Android devices, Chat will rely on your Internet plan instead of that SMS or Phone call plan. It is worth noting that it won’t be called Google Chat, it will be termed as Chat because of being a carrier-based service. Considering it as a carrier-based service we can conclude that the rules and features might vary from carrier to carrier. Now a query might be arising in your mind that what if someone will send a message to a third person who doesn’t have Chat service? In this case, the message sent will get converted into a normal SMS involuntarily which further can be viewed on any basic cell-phone.

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To make all this happen Google is burning the candle at both ends, as per reports Google has communicated their Allo team to stop the work for a while and start working for this entirely new platform. For now, no other information is there and if some fact gets slipped out of our write-up then do let us know in the comment box below. For more Tech updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.

Akshay Dua
Akshay Dua
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