Google starts the Rollout out of Continued Conversation to Google Assistant

A few weeks back Google I/O 2018 has taken place. There Google has revealed its latest technologies for the year 2018. The major highlights were Android P, AI features, Continued conversation, Google Lens, etc. Here in this write-up, we will be talking about the feature called “continued conversation” as it is currently rolling out for the Google Home devices. Altogether it is a great feature and can help a user in daily situations, so without wasting any time let’s know more about it.

google starts the rollout out of continued conversation to google assistant

At some period of time you may come across the Google Assistant and to wake it up you need to give some commands like “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”. It is quite attentive and accurate in listening to your voice but the problem arises when you just need to ask some question related to the last question you’ve asked. Again and again, a user needs to give that Okay Google command. The feature termed as continued conversation eliminates this issue.

Now you may all will be thinking how? This feature keeps Google Assistant attentive for 8 seconds after asking something and it really helps a lot. It basically feels like talking to your neighbor or a friend. Every person owning a Google Home device can’t access it as currently, it is in releasing phase. You can switch it on by just going to settings menu-preferences-continued conversation-turn it on. This technique will work for every Google Home speaker that exists on the earth.

You can also get the Google Assistant now on any Android device with the standalone App from the Play Store. Even, the Android Go compatible Assistant Go is also available with support of various languages including Hindi.

For more Android updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.

Akshay Dua
Akshay Dua
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