Google X Phone Now Rumored For August


According to new spell of rumors it’s suggested that Google will launch mysterious X Phone from Motorola in August. Earlier it was estimated that the handset won’t be released in “late June or July,” as previously rumored. In past also it has been delayed several times.

motorola x phone

Until now, Google haven’t revealed or officially announced the project to the public. According to Tech Guru’s its believed that there’s dysfunction between Google and Motorola that is what is causing the Google X phone’s delay.

The Google X Phone from Motorola will emphasize on building or focusing on bettering the consumer experience for its brand.

Past rumors states that Google X phone will  run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, there will be no microSD card slot as like of Nexus and will carry a 4.7 inch, 1080p display. Once it was also rumored that Motorola has at least three new smartphones in the works and reported not to be coming with Hardware customizations.

We are looking towards Google IO 2013, where Google might utter some words for the device.

Are you waiting for it?


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