Google YouTube GIF thumbnails can be accessed by most of the users


We love using YouTube, don’t we, whenever we want to watch any video we just visit the website. Google is rolling out a new update to the YouTube with YouTube GIF preview. 


Recently, a new feature has been added and I am sure those who use YouTube on desktop must have experienced a change in the user interface. Earlier the YouTube GIF thumbnails were actually available for selected users, but from now onwards this new feature is available for a most of the users.

Google had launched this functionality to the online video streaming service since February 2017.

The service is very easy to use, whenever you want to watch a video you just need to click on the thumbnail option and automatically a short GIF will play. It will actually help the individual to understand what the video is all about.

The GIF plays a video for about 3 seconds without sound. It is useful for those who use YouTube on daily basis. It improves the user experience to some extent. This thumbnail feature is not available for mobile. For desktop also the eligibility is Chrome version 32 and Opera version 19 and above.

Google has made it clear that the video to get a GIF thumbnail, has to be at least of 30 seconds. If any video does not get it within two days then you won’t be getting it at all.

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