YouTube Music brings Lyrics under TV Casting

YouTube Music has bought a bunch of new features recently in the app. Now, joining the list of new features, YouTube Music has rolled out a new UI for casting to TV that includes time-synced live lyrics. The update seems to be rolled out to a few users for now and will be rolled out widely later. A user on Reddit stated that YouTube Music’s new UI is “very reminiscent of Apple Music‘s lyrics UI”.

youtube music live lyrics

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When you play a song, album art appears at the center without any text on the screen. The album art moves to the right side and the artist/title text appears with the lyrics.

When a song is about to end, a list of credited songwriters is shown. YouTube Music fetches live lyrics from the same source as shared in the mobile app. For any reason, if lyrics are not available, it will only cast the album art/song title/ artist names in the center.

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