How can You share A 4G Mobile Broadband Connection on a Wireless LAN

how can you share a 4g mobile broadband connection on a wireless lan

The mobile broadband phenomenon is one of the frontiers of modern broadband technology and the use of a 4G connection on a Wireless LAN is becoming one of the most popular options. 4G mobile technology levels the playing field with other forms of broadband by creating aconnection that is comparable to others on the market.

4G Sets You Free
What makes mobile broadband a great alternative to other forms of broadband is that it is portable. With a 4G-enabled phone, you can use Verizon internet almost anywhere. You’re not shackled to a Wi-Fi hotspot or to a USB or Ethernet connection. You are completely free to use the 4G anywhere there is a signal.

The primary drawback is that a cell phone screen or even tablet isn’t always the best choice for particular applications. They lack the memory of a laptop and the screen size of a personal computer. You can check your e-mail and run some apps, but they lack the usability of the larger machines. That was until the creation of the mobile broadband hotspot. It is a wireless LAN connection to a 4G cellular network via a broadband modem.

Anywhere there is a 4G connection, you can connect the wireless LAN and then connect as many as five or more Wi-Fi enabled machines to it. For example, if you are in a taxi and about to be late for a meeting and there is no chance rush hour is ending anytime soon, the wireless LAN will allow you to use a 4G signal to connect your laptop. You can send the presentation to your co-workers at the meeting.

If you have Verizon internet with your mobile phone, you can use my-fi, which is their version ofa mobile broadband hotspot. While the biggest plusses are that the hotspot is completely portable and able to get a signal in places cable and DSL can’t, it does have a few drawbacks.

To The Limit

Many mobile carriers have begun placing limits on the amount of data a person can use every month. While the amount of data is perfectly adequate for occasionally surfing the web or watching something on your phone, it can’t handle the large amount of data for heavy daily use.

When a customer goes over their data limit, several things can happen. The company cansimply shut off the data until you either purchase a larger plan or until a new month arrives. This basically makes your mobile hotspot useless. Also, larger data plans cost more money.

They can also slow down the speed of your data to a crawl. This is currently the most popular option for cell phone companies. They can slow down your 4G connection until it’s no faster than a standard 56k modem straight out of the dial-up days. This also makes your wirelesshotspot completely useless.

The final option that cell phone carriers have is to charge you automatically for any extra data.You may not even know you’ve reached the limit until you get the bill and see the overage. Thiscan be a costly option for people who use a large amount of data.

The wireless broadband hotspot using a wireless LAN connection isn’t perfect, but it’s great for use in a pinch or for emergencies. You may want to keep one on hand just in case, but givenhow the data structure is set up, it isn’t viable for heavy regular usage.

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how can you share a 4g mobile broadband connection on a wireless lan
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