How to Download Instagram Stories (2019)


Instagram is one of the most popular App for sharing photos and short videos. Instagram stories are launched back in August 2016. In Insta stories you can share your thoughts via photos and videos. These photos and videos which are share via stories are not shown in normal instagram feed. Moreover, instagram doesn’t allow you download the stories of people you follow. But you can them via third party apps. That’s why today we come up with How to download Instagram Stories guide.

How to Download Instagram Stories

There are many third party apps which are available on Play Store and Apple App store to download instagram stories. We have listed some good ones for you to try.

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Instagram Story downloading Apps for Android

  • Story Saver for Instagram – Play Store link
  • Story Saver for Instagram Story Assistant- Play Store link
  • StorySave- Play Store link
  • StorySaver+ (Plus) for Instagram- Play Store link
  • GBInstagram Download link 
    GBInstagram is very powerfull insta app, which has more features than the Official Instagram app. It includes various themes, you can copy comments and bio with this, Dual Instagram, Copy and share urls, you can translate comments, you can also zoom profile pics, download videos and images, etc.

How to download the Instagram Stories with these apps

  1. Go to the Play Store.
  2. Download any one of the above listed app.
  3. Open Story Saver and log in to your Instagram account.
  4. Check out all the Stories from your followers on your main Story Saver page, or search a username to look at others.
  5. Simply select the photo or video you want and hit save.
  6. This will then show up in a Story Saver folder in your phone’s gallery of pics.

Instagram Story downloading Apps for iOS

How to download the Instagram Stories with these apps on iOS Devices

  1. Move in to App Store in your iPhone or iPad.
  2. In the search bar, type any one of the above listed apps.
  3. Install the App in your iPhone and iPad.
  4. Open the app and login to your Instagram account.
  5. View your friends Instagram stories and tap on anyone one.
  6. Select the profile icon or image to open the story.
  7. Download’ the image and find it directly in your Gallery.

Other than these apps, you can save the instagram stories from the screen recording apps. You can save the stories of your friends without giving access of your insta account to third party app.



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