HTC and their retailers win relief from IPCom

It looks like HTC’s streak of bad luck might only be a short term thing. Just yesterday we reported that patent firm IPCom sued about 100 retailers for continuing to sell HTC’s products even after the deadline, and in an effort to protect their products and their retailers went back to the courts to seek some form of relief.

According to the TaiwanEconomicNews, it seems that HTC was successful in seeking relief and the German courts have since issued an injunction against IPCom, basically telling them to stop harassing HTC’s retailers with lawsuits. We guess with the courts favoring HTC in this particular case, it seems that their workaround of IPCom’s patents must have been satisfactory enough for the court, even if IPCom doesn’t seem to think so.
Of course this could have gone the opposite direction. As we mentioned yesterday, HTC was liable for penalty if they were found guilty of contravening the court’s orders. The fine would have cost HTC €250,000 each time they were found guilty.

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