Humble Bundle For Android 5 Now Available


Humble Bundle for Android 5 is ow available for purchase. Currently you can buy pack of six DRM-free games for $15 or currently the lowest average for purchase is $13.00. Main thing about these bundles are that: first – you get access some of the best games for the lowest price., second – you can give money or some portion or whole portion of your purchase to charity, or to developers, or Humble Bundle Inc.. 


Humble Bundle 5 includes some popular games like the the Galaga-style Beat Hazard Ultra, the Bomberman-esque Dynamite Jack, Solar 2, interesting puzzle game Nightsky HD. Other two games are only available if you pay above a certain amount and names are  Dungeon Defenders and Super Hexagon as well.

All games are available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and are DRM-free. Players are encouraged to contact Humble Bumble if they run into any bugs with the Android debut titles. Head over to source links below to download or purchase.

Source: Humble Bundle 5


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