Latest Samsung Game Tuner app update takes out certain features

An app update is usually associated with addition of new features and phase out of some critical bugs. But, it need not be the same in every cases as such what Samsung has done with the latest update for its one of the handy tool – Game Tuner App. Literally, the new update falling on the app comes with removal of certain useful features present on the previous versions. Have a look at the official changelog of the update below.

latest samsung game tuner app update takes out certain features

As you can see, the majority portion of the changelog is dedicated to highlight the deletion of features. Within the latest Game Tuner 3.4.03, you will not be able to see the previously existing features such as non-game app control, changing modes, and texture quality/brightness settings for game-specific settings. See the differences, in the below screenshots, between the latest Game Tuner and the previously latest version.

Interestingly, Samsung has given an update notice justifying the removal of these features from the Game Tuner. As per the notice, the firm did this to focus on simplifying the tuning feature, and to avoid the need of changing modes.

Although certain features have been phased out, it doesn’t mean that the Game Tuner has become completely useless. Still you can change the frame limit, resolution and so on of your installed games separately. All to optimise the Games in accordance with your hardware specs. Moreover, the latest update has, thankfully, brought a new in-game controller UX apart from all those degradations.

Perhaps, the Game Tuner is a handy tool for tons of Samsung devices that are mostly powered by the mediocre, Exynos 7870 and Snapdragon 410 SoC’s. Since these SoC’s are poor in handling high-end games, the in-built Game Tuner has, so far, been a real saviour for these device owners.

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