Lenovo K8 Note is expected to Launch with Dual Cameras


Lenovo has been actively promoting its upcoming flagship smartphone on its social pages. In a teaser it posted online a few days back, it was expected that Lenovo was hinting on the Lenovo K7 Note. However a recent poster reveals that, Lenovo has ditched the number 7 and has named the smartphone as K8 Note. This seems to be a superstitious belief similar to OnePlus which skips the number 4.

Lenevo K8 Note

The Lenovo K8 Note is expected to be launched on 8th of August. On the invite poster shared by Lenovo, the number 8 seems to be engraved to a metal frame. This might mean that the Lenovo K8 would be launched with a dual camera. Most flagships come with a dual camera setup these days and it is no surprise that Lenovo chose to do the same to the K8 Note.

Lenovo also took Twitter to share some of the camera samples of the Lenovo K8 Note. These samples included all types of images like a Macro shot, Portrait, Landscape and a City shot. The Portrait sample image of a woman seems to have a blurred background which means the K8 Note might support the Bokeh effect, similar to the OnePlus 5.

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