LG G Flex’s Far Out Video Advert Out Now


LG G Flex, no hesitation in saying one of the first curved smartphone with heal-able back. But its first video advert doesn’t seem to be as par with device. LG has launched a video advert today in which all the things are just Far Out of the real G Flex topic.

LG has just launched its first curved smartphone, the G-Flex, and to celebrate this wonder of technology the South Korean company has popped this crazy video on YouTube. It starts out kind of standard: two guys sitting at a restaurant celebrating a birthday. Then one of them opens his gift… which ultimately ends up being some sort of add-on to his palm, with some beard and other things. Did you found anything here? Same here we also didn’t. It seems that LG got confused about how to show pros of the device.

LG is calling its first ever curved device the ‘most human phone ever’.

Additionally, a 6-inch display, 13MP camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Share your views regarding the video via comments below.


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