Manage Your Phone With Single Hand Using Splay Launcher


These days Smartphones are getting big and bigger making it difficult to run it using one hand. Every time you need to use your second hand if you want to do any type of work with your phone.


But don’t worry as we are going to tell you about a launcher which will help you to manage your smartphone single handedly or with single hand.

Splay Launcher is an innovative app that totally changes how you handle a phone. There are plenty of launcher apps out there that play around with the way your phone works, but few of them go as far as Splay.

In fact this app almost entirely abandons the traditional smartphone layout  in favour of a sci-fi style wheel that lets you a slide a thumb around to select the apps and actions you want to initiate.

This app will not do any magic but will give you platform which you can use to swipe around with the same hand. All it need is getting used to, then you will see the improvement in running your device single handedly.

Here are few features if the app along with the Sliding wheel:

Control with thumb:

splay launcher manage phone with single hand

You control the launcher by sliding a thumb around the spokes.Slide one farther down a spoke to get more options. Once you’re familiar with how things work, navigate to the Apps spoke, you’ll see there are some empty slots here.

App Setting:

Use edit shortcuts spoke to get the edit screen and add seven of your most used apps to the free spaces. Now you can get them in a few simple swipes.

On the Menu:

Navigation bar will be up at its place from which you can access important short cuts. Also if you’re device has short cut button than you can use them to setup Menu list.


 manage phone with single hand with Splay Launcher

Tapping the magnifying glass in the bottom right of the screen open search box. Here you can look for apps, contacts and media files  on your phone, as well as quickly searching the internet using your own web browser.

Further are many more features which you can know only after installing and using the Splay launcher. You can check our How to guides here and Best Of Articles at our portal here.

So you can head over to the Play Store link below to download the beta version of the launcher.

Play Store

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