LG G2 Benchmark Scores are Here


Since the coming up of the the latest flagship from Sony there has been quite a buzz around the Internet, and so it should be. The phone is a perfect combination of power and build, with design. The phone packs some immense hardware to beat the leading smartphone pretty easily.

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lg g2 benchmark scores

The Droid Life guys got their hands on the amazing phone and managed to record some of it’s benchmark scores. Only two benchmark results are available the AnTuTu and the Quadrant. So you could derive some of the idea about how would this phone would be performing against it other rivals in the market.

lg g2 antutu

The performance was expected to be great with that Snapdragon 800, and so it was. But the phone was not able to beat the Xperia Z Ultra in the AnTuTu Benchmarks. See the snippets below.


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