Next Generation Nexus 10 to be manufactured by Asus


The Next generation Nexus 7 made a lot of buzz around recently. And the Next Generation Nexus 10 is all set to make the buzz in the tablet world once again. According to multiple resources also cited by the next generation Nexus 10 would manufactured by Asus and not Samsung.

google nexus 10

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The device will also be made available on the Google Play Store according to the sources and also best Buy in holidays. Last year they launched the Nexus 10 in mid November, so this time also the next Generation Nexus 10 would be hitting the market in the same time period, speaking expectedly though.

However there has been no information about the specification and hardware of the tablet as off now. However a high resolution display is expected by everyone, like around the one with 2560 x 1600 pixels, a Snapdragon 800, and may be 2 GB of RAM.

We can expect the hardware leaks to be coming out soon in the coming time.



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