LG G3 Snapdragon 805 SoC May Be In Process

LG G3 coming with Snapdragon 805 SoC


Koreans have been lucky so as to being the first and the only ones to have gotten a taste of the LG G3 so far. But if rumors are to be believed, a more version of the G3 is already in process. Rumors claim that a new variant of the G3 with the Snapdragon 805 Soc processor is in process and may hit the stores as early as G3. Interestingly, thats also the time around which the normal variant of the G3 is supposed to be available through retailers.

Snapdragon 805

The current Snapdragon 801 SoC seems is not enough for the G3 as the device lacks on performance as compared to its 1080p rivals due to the higher resolution screen. And the Snapdragon 805 might just be the answer to this. The 805 would provide the extra processing power which the G3 needs to cope up. Also, the 805 offers download speeds of upto 225 Mbps thanks to the integrated Qualcomm MDM9635 modem.

Rumors also suggest that an enhanced version of the G3, named the G Prime could also be in process as LG recently trademarked this name. In Korea LG G3 has already sold 100000 units of the device and recently report sums up that LG sales will slide up 20-30% in this quarter.

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