LG “Quick Voice” Renamed To “Q Voice”


LG renamed its Siri like or Samsung’s S voice like voice assistant, Quick Voice to Q Voice. It was announced by LG a month later after S voice announcement. Its also similar in functionality to two above competitors. Q Voice do same things like maps search, web search, weather, and integrates with apps like Email, Alarm, Calendar and more. According to LG, an English-language version is planned for the first half of next year.

Currently Q Voice is available in 5-inch Optimus Vu slab, Q Voice will be coming to the Optimus LTE II via software update at the end of this month. LG also confirmed that it will be available in most of the the future LG smartphones. LG named it similar to Samsung’s S Voice which is only one alphabet behind of Q Voice. So it means LG again wants to copy the Samsung? Share your views about it via comments


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