Messages for Android to get Google Assistant integration soon

Google Assistant in Google Maps to get more languages support


The MWC 2019 witnessed crazy devices and innovations from all most all the tech-giants. While they showcased their best ever technologies, ideas and concepts, the search engine mammoth – Google had nothing special but to discuss the future improvements that we can expect from the suave Google Assistant. It seems the next move from Google is to integrate the Google Assistant on Messages for Android app soon.Messages for Android Google Assistant integration

Google has been rigorously working for bringing RCS (Rich Communication Service) messages as a mainstream tool for Android devices. The plausible Google Assistant integration on Messages for Android can be seen as a part of this venture. The deprecated Google Allo had featured the in-built Google Assistant. So we can expect similar integration with the Messages for Android indeed.

It’s revealed yesterday by Google at MWC 2019 that more phones will feature dedicated hardware buttons for summoning the Assistant. It should be similar to the Bixby button seen on Galaxy flagships. Nonetheless, the first device to come with a dedicated button probably will be the LG G8 ThinQ.

Meanwhile, Google has also incorporated Assistant’s “What’s on my screen” capability to find other suggestions when using Messages. This Assistant is launching over the coming months for English users around the world.

Moreover, soon Google will add more languages to Assistant in Google Maps. If you haven’t known, the Assistant was added to Google Maps in English earlier this year, with Google noting a 15x increase in voice commands to read received texts aloud and send new messages. Such hands-free service is coming to all Assistant phone languages in upcoming weeks.

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