Most Android Features That Apple iPhone Doesn’t Have


A never ending controversy is there in battle of brand’s supremacy. Here the Android becomes the opponent of Apple iPhone at some extent. Though both have exposed their creativity and enormous applications in technological arena, still the Android is moving faster in reality. But as the upshot, it does not possess the outcome of preference. Still satisfaction of own business generates some concentration towards the dreamful achievement.

Recently checked lacking Android features in iPhone:

In the Smartphone marketplace, the fierce position is revealed through adapting a series of solitary phenomenon by Android. iPhone is going slower in this competition of progress. Those creations can be summarized as:

  • Here the operating system is customized Read Only Memory. In Android the system is an open source. Here multiple versions are incorporated in the single platform where iPhone is attached with only one version of OS. Official Froyo 2.2v version is responsible to make faster operation with too many tweaks.
  • iPhone does not support the flash display in video exposure. In recent times this feature has become the mandatory one to flourish. While it is integrated via internet, that is incompatible in iPhone. Android again competes higher with strong attachment of flashing.
  • Android is extended with the microSD or other similar storage extension. Here the removable storage searching is not acceptable for iPhone technology.
  • Battery is the resource of energy. As far it is forwarded with restored power; the consumption is made at minimal level. This is another sign of inventiveness. Android carries the spare battery for long trip cases.
  • Messaging system, voice mail, group mailing service and the calling procedures are integrated centrally to the same interface of Android. This integration gets attached with OS. It serves to work beyond limitation. iPhone is detached from this integrated proficiency.

Analysis on SWOT technology:

Both for the software and hardware inventions, if SWOT technology is followed for iPhone’s recent status, then the following assumptions can be made without thinking twice:

  • The iconic look and top notch, sophisticated construction is the assets iPhone till now. Incredible carrier capacity is empowered as the strength apart from all limitations.
  • When the question arises upon technology, then it becomes a big issue. Cutting edge is not applied here. Moreover the screening and customizable enhancements are restricted up to a minimal mark. This is exposed as the weakest direction of process.
  • When the opportunity factor comes upon within discussion, then for old caved popularity and growth in market; it can be sustained. The 4 S versions have created a new challenge with the ecosystem in this battle.
  • iPhone has to worry for the applied ideology. Android has become the greatest threat of it from multiple constituents.

Conclusion at a squint:

If the courtroom victories have to be pulled out for iPhone then the negative remarks should be taken as the positive factors. Though the race has been started with Android, the ultimate goal should be set up forgetting all this competition. This will be able to take up the iPhone proceed through the path of eminence free from impediments.

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