Moto 360 Android Smartwatch Is Here


As we know Google has announced the support of Android Operating System for wearable devices. Now, Motorola is already on it’s way to take and utilize the benefits.


Motorola has announced an Android powered Smartwatch named as the Moto 360. Unlike other smart watches in the market, the Moto 360 has a round design and it uses premium materials to provide you with the much needed elegance. The device would be made available in summer this year.

With Moto 360 you can keep yourself up to date with alerts and notifications. It also has many cool gestures,  like with a single twist in the wrist you tell you that who is calling you,  or who has sent you an email. The most interesting part is that it comes with Google Now integration, so just saying “Ok Google” would let you talk, text sms, schedule update, know about the weather and much more. With the support of Android for wearables, the technology with boom with devices running on the Android.  Who knows what we would have next?


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  1. Neat product, abhorrent grammar. Seems to be the norm with this site. Goodbye Go Android, until you get another, better editor!


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