Mozilla’s new UI Photon available in Firefox Nightly

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browser over the desktop as well as the android devices. But like Google Chrome Mozilla is not known for feature updates to it’s browsers, but this time Mozilla is flaunting about it’s Firefox 57 update. The update is expected to be officially available in the month of November this year.

mozilla's new ui photon available in firefox nightly

The major change that this new 57 update will bring is change in the UI i.e. a new interface over the desktop as well as android devices. The new interface has been nicknamed as “Photon”. The update will also include first stage of Project Quantum, that will improve it’s performance.

Apart from these major changes, Mozilla with this new update will remove support for legacy add-ons i.e. XUL based. But what i feel this move by Mozilla won’t be liked by many.

Well, if you are a Mozilla lover and in a mood to experience. The enhanced Mozilla Firefox with a new UI named Photon then you just need to visit Google Play Store. Next step is search for Firefox Nightly over the store and download it. The new UI has been added to this new browser, and trust me it looks pretty cool, a change from the old one in a better way.

The old theme has been replaced by a very clean white color and instead of orange highlights now has blue one.But it’s development is still in progress as the app says.

If you want to download it, then just visit the Google Play store.


Manjyot Singh
Manjyot Singh
As a Technology enthusiast, not only likes using gadgets but also loves to write and review about them. Have always been a fan of latest gadgets and smartphones with latest features.


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