Google is giving away free $1 Google Play Credits to some lucky users once again

About two weeks ago, Internet giant, Google randomly selected some lucky accounts and handed out free $1 Google Play credits. The selection process was random. We have good news for people who tried but didn’t get the credit last time (or even if you got the credit earlier). Google is giving away free $1 Google Play Credits to some lucky users once again.

google is giving away free $1 google play credits to some lucky users once again

There are three ways to redeem the credit.

  1. This is the easiest way to redeem the credit. All you have to do is open Google Play Store where you can see banner promoting the same offer. Click on the banner and redeem the credit. Unfortunately, many users are not able to see the banner but don’t worry we have solution two for them.
  2. Click here which will redirect you to the redemption page.
  3. Third and last way to redeem the credit is that entering code A5E65ZH9G4K1VW84582YYZS manually in your Play Store app.

This offer is for US only. You can use the Google Play credit to buy the app you like the most or you can even buy a movie or a book. Let us know in comment section if you got $1 Google Play credit successfully into your account.

Sameer Sangwe
Sameer Sangwe
Sameer Sangwe is an outdoors guy. He loves travelling, photography, going places, meeting new people and telling the whole world about it. He loves adventure sports and machines too! He loves technology and believes that technology will simplify everything. Sameer is Computer Science Engineer by profession. Right now he is using Google Pixel.


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