My Android Spiced Home

Today, everyone is using gadgets in their everyday lives. People use them in workplaces, businesses and of course, homes. And along with these gadgets are the applications that can be used in almost all daily activities. There are applications used for accounting, education, presentations, entertainment, theater and a lot more! The sky’s the limit actually, especially now that hundreds of applications are designed every day.

my android spiced home

As the saying goes, there is really no place like home. And with the virtual world today, there are lot more things that can be done at home. And thanks to the wide range of Android applications, they can be done easier and in a more fun and interesting way. Today, we take a closer look at these Android applications that spice up any home. Here are android home security apps:



Tired of having too many remote controls for your theatre set? Worry no more because this app gives you the convenience of controlling your home theatre using one gadget. Red-eye syncs in the remote control codes of your devices to enable you to control them individually or as a group. It can turn on or turn off a TV, add volume to stereos, and many other functions that would require numerous remote controls to do. This application, once installed, will give you the perks to control your theatre through Wi-Fi connection.

Remember click? With Red-eye, you can be an instant Adam Sandler who has the power to click and tap just a single remote control for home theatre. Now you can truly say that the power is in your hands.

Cox security

my android spiced home

Wanna have a security guard who’s up 24/7? Well then the Cox security is what you need. This application monitors all the alarms or security devices installed in different parts of your home. It can sync with the system making it able to see and monitor the parts of your house whether it’s a window or a door. It will monitor if you missed out closing a window or a door or any possible passage of your house. With this, you also won’t need to get out of bed whenever you want to just make sure if every passage is closed.

It also lets you to arm or disarm your devices when you feel the need to turn on or off these devices. This way, you can instantly turn off an alarm when someone accidentally caused them to alarm. See? No need to hire security guards! This app will make you sleep soundly as you feel safe and comfortable all night.



Tired of old fashioned home designs?  Tired of staying in a home with the same design and color for the past decade? Then this app is your solution! BuildApp is one of the most popular architecture apps that can help you design, renovate, and remodel your home. This can give you 3D images that display different home designs, styles, and structures that are designed to make houses stylish places to live. Now, there will be no need for professionals to redecorate your home. Just choose and instruct your workers what to do. Or you can even do it yourself!

These are only three of the many applications for homes. You can also find applications like DropBox or the RingCentral app to make your home an extension of your office. You can also download applications that give you recipes and tips on how you can make your family meals more enjoyable.

As I said, the sky’s the limit! Just log in to Google Play and search away! Now, which app do you want to install on your latest Android gadget and beef up your home security with android device?

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Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts.


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