Nest Cam IQ Announced with 4K Sensor at $299 only


A new indoor security Nest Cam IQ was announced by Nest. Its appearance is like the Nest Cam Outdoor, but Nest has made some improvements to make it one of the smartest security cameras.

Features of IQ have 4k sensors which show 1080 pixel images which are beautifully balanced.However, your connection won’t be choked because of the 4K sensor and the HDR. This gives you a good footage while streaming in 4K.

The Cam IQ can zoom and track people without losing quality because of 4K sensor. It also applies 12x zoom in to some specific areas for 1080 pixels videos. According to Nest this is a supersight.

Nest’s Cam IQ has improved speakers and microphones. It can distinguish between a human voice and a dog bark to specific alerts. It also has noise suppression, echo cancellation and a louder speaker.

Nest is soon going to add the ability to communicate easily with family and pets just like you are having a normal conversation over the phone.

So, pre order your Nest Cam IQ today on the official Nest website, just for $299. You can also get 2 packs at $100 off.

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