Pokeland game hits the Play Store Today


After the great success of the Pokémon GO game, the Pokémon Company is set to launch its all new Pokémon Rumble spin-off game for mobile devices which is Pokeland.

The player is the controller of the Pokémon toy and the player send them out with different pocket monsters to explore a series of island.

There are 134 different Pokémons with 52 stages spinning the six islands and heading to a 15 floor Champion’s Tower, testing their Pokémons in battles. You get game currency to increase the strength of the companions and buy different perks and items.

The game is in a closed alpha having all of its 10000 slots in Japan only.  Gradually it will develop more maps which you can buy with diamonds.

As you play you will earn Pokémon toys as you battle with other Pokémon and can collect them after they are defeated. The game is simple but you need to know few key stats and some moves for each Pokémon.

The method of acquiring Pokémon in Pokeland is different than that of Pokémon Go. But it will be more fun playing this game and crossing different stages with the help of battles.

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