New Android Malware Along With Phone Infects PC Also


New Android Malware has been detected in DroidCleaner App on Google play Store. It slips through all security measures taken by Google to secure their Android Platform. New Malware not only infects Phone but it also gain Mic control on your PC.

android malware

Kaspersky Labs researchers found this new Malware which poses as a “DroidCleaner” app (used to free memory on Android Devices). Once an Android user downloads the app, the Malware infects the user’s smartphone and can also be uploaded to the users PC if they plug the device into their Windows computer in the USB drive mode.
What can it Do? Here’s the list:
  • Sending SMS messages.
  • Enabling Wi-Fi.
  • Gathering information about the device.
  • Opening arbitrary links in a browser.
  • Uploading the SD card’s entire contents.
  • Uploading an arbitrary file (or folder) to the master’s server.
  • Uploading all SMS messages.
  • Deleting all SMS messages.
  • Uploading all the contacts/photos/coordinates from the device to the master.

As Kaspersky notes, “Generally speaking, saving autorun.inf and a PE file to a flash drive is one of the most unsophisticated ways of distributing malware. At the same time, doing this using a smartphone and then waiting for the smartphone to connect to a PC is a completely new attack vector. In the current versions of Microsoft Windows, the AutoRun feature is disabled by default for external drives; however, not all users have migrated to modern operating systems. It is those users who use outdated OS versions that are targeted by this attack vector.”

“Thus, a typical attack victim is the owner of an inexpensive Android smartphone who connects his or her smartphone to a PC from time to time, for example, to change the music files on the device. Judging by the sales statistics for Android smartphones, I would say that such people are quite numerous. For the attack to be more successful, it only lacks a broader distribution scheme.”

Global Mobile Malware Infection Rate (2012)

Android has been continuously targeted by Spammers and Malware apps due to its popularity. Its share in smartphone market zooms to 70% in 2012 and similarly its the most targeted operating systems in 2012, with a malware growth of over 580%.

Last year its also accounted in a report that malware will increase in 2013 and could attack 18 Million people. Last year also Kaspersky warned and given Android 4.2 the safest Android version but what now? Currently their are 290000 apps which can potentially steal our data.

When will Android Malware comes to an End?


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