New Angry Birds Heikki Coming On June 18th With More Fun


According to Rovio another Angry Birds sequel is heading for relese on June 18th. Recently Angry Birds Space was released by Rovio and it hits Millions downloads over night. Angry Birds Heikki is  a racing car-styled version of the popular game. We are not sure about its release on mobile devices as MSN is suggesting that it may arrive as Browser version only. Rovio’s Harri Koponen, the executive vice president of consumer products said, “The helmet looks amazing, and we think people are really going to enjoy the webgame and merchandise.”

“It’s the first time that I’ve partnered with a gaming company, and it fits with my larger focus on partnering with unique brands. As a Finn, I’m also happy to be backing a Finnish company on a global platform. Most importantly, I’m a big Angry Birds fan!”- Heikki Kovalainen
Via: MSN


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