New BeagleBone Black Available For Just $45


Guys want an alternative to Raspberry Pi to develop projects? Than New BeagleBone Black can do the job for you. Today the Texas Instruments launched new version of Beagle Box Black which is available for $45 and company has added bunch of new features to it.


You will notice that new version is only $10 costlier than Raspberry Pi and you will get 1GHz TI AM355x cpu with ARM Cortex-A8 core supporting ARMv7-a instruction set and PowerVR GPU with OpenGL ES support (closed source driver). It also consists HDMI output (with audio), 512MB ram, 2GB eMMC, 92 expansion pins, USB Host, USB device, Ethernet, microSD slot, user controlled LEDs and serial port header.

The processor used on the BeagleBone Black also allows the board to run Ubuntu or other flavors of Linux and Android.The new board also supports other OSes such as FreeBSD, QNX, and Windows Embedded.

Previous Version of the BeagleBone Black costs $89.

Source: Beagle Board


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