New Nexus 7 Pictured In Hangout Video


Well, we recently talked about new Nexus 7 which might get launched in July. Now we have received the first glimpse of the device with the blue led button at the bottom. It appears like, Google used the New Nexus 7 while framing the tutorial or trailer video for recently launched Google+ hangout. 

new nexus 7

After introducing LED lights on Nexus devices like Nexus One, Galaxy nexus and Nexus 4, Now its seems like google is coming to the Tablets with LEDs. According to the New Nexus 7 image taken from the Google+ Hangout Video, it will be bolted with Blue LED at the bottom of the device. You can checkout the video below:

According to old rumors it will consist 7 inch 1920 x 1200 full 1080p HD Display, to be revealed at IO (or was to be), with a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core and Android 4.3.

Well currently its rumored for launch in July along with Android 4.3. Thanks to Cesi D’Alessio who spotted it in the above video.

What you say about the New look of new Nexus 7? Share your views via comments below.

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