Nexus 10 Official Flip Covers Available From Play Store


Nexus 10 maiden official accessory has been made available for purchase from Play Store. Nexus 10 Flip covers are now available in the Google Play Store for $30. Currently covers are available in two colors: scarlet and dark gray for same price.


These flip covers are similar to Samsung’s in which it is attached on the back and then after it flips on or off. The Flip or Book Cover for Nexus 10 are ultra slim and it fits better than any other cover on tablet. It have rounded corners and a matte finish, its thin and durable also which helps to protect the screen without adding bulk. It not only helps to protect from exterior elements in addition it also provides automatically wake and sleep functionality on your Nexus 10.

You can head over to the links below to buy it. Order it fast unless it went out of stock.

Nexus 10 Scarlet Cover

Nexus 10 Dark Grey Cover


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