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Nexus 4 launched last along with Nexus 10 tablet which is rumored from past various months. As we know Nexus 4 developed by LG and it comes with Android 4.2 and currently its trending on the top of Best Android phones list. So we doing a comparison with another best Android smartphone from Samsung which is known as Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in May 2012 and was made available to most of countries by 29th of may.

So lets start and see how does the Nexus 4 compare to the reigning Android monarch, the Samsung Galaxy S III?


The 4.7-inch Nexus 4 has a 1280 x 768 display with a ppi of 318. Nexus 4 display is IPS+ and is its best suited for people who want true colours. While on other hand Samsung Galaxy S3 consist 4.8 inch Super Amoled Display and it gives vibrant and saturated screens. Here both phones have good display but Nexus 4 Display have higher pixel density.

Dimensions and Weight

Samsung Galaxy S3 is .02 inches Thinner than Nexus 4 means it stands at .36 inches while Nexus 4 is .36 inches Thick. Nexus 4 WxDxH is 5.38″ x 2.78″ x 0.34″  and S3 is 5.27″ x 2.70″ x 0.35″ . The Nexus 4’s back is even bedazzled, and – under the right light – will emit a subtle glitter and Galaxy S III has a slightly larger surface area. Nexus 4 is heavier weighs around 139g while Galaxy S3 is 133gm.

Processor And RAM

Nexus 4 is powered by 1.5 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor by Qualcomm and its fueled by 2GB of RAM, while the motor inside International Galaxy S3 is 1.4 GHz Quad-core Exynos processor with 1GB of RAM made by Samsung itself. Samsung’s Different variant have different processors with different RAM configuration. Here Nexus 4 slightly takes game away from S3.


Samsung Galaxy S3 takes about over its way as its storage can be expanded upto 128GB (64GB+64GB). Nexus 4 is floored to 8GB of Internal Storage only with no Expansion Slot.


The Nexus 4 gives us an 8MP rear cam and 1.3MP front cam. The Galaxy S3 has an 8MP rear cam and a 1.9MP front cam. At least on paper, these two devices are pretty on par in this category.


Connection-wise the LG Nexus 4 does not have LTE, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 does. However the Nexus 4 does work on HSPA+ and you could potentially get speeds which are close to those of 4G at 42Mbps. The S3 works on LTE and so is the winner here.


Nexus 4 consist 21 mAh non removable battery but it can be removed by opening some screws. While S3 is powered with 21 mAh removable battery so you guys can easily change off your battery. So S3 is leading in this category.


Both devices are running Android, many markets have yet to even get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S3 yet but the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is already on nexus 4 with its heap of new features like photo sphere, multi users and gesture typing and yesterday Google introduced us to new feature of Security in Android 4.2.

Tablet of Specs:

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is gaining over some features while Nexus 4 is taking bout away in most useful features. Nexus 4 not only have the faster 1.5 GHz quad-core S4 Pro processor and 2 GB of RAM, but also the latest software, Android 4.2, and also the assurance of quickest update to next Android version.

So nexus 4 is the winner.

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  1. Maybe next couple weeks i buy nexus 4 on the moment i use galaxy s3 and i been happy 4 that phone . Phone is realy gd camera is bro fast browser and realy can use on one hand

  2. Of course nexus 4 is the winner, I bought s3 first and honestly I wasn’t so impressed about s3, whereas with nexus 4, since I bought the phone , I can’t stop using it, I am very happy that I choose to swap s3 with nexus 4. A lot of people are complaining about not enough storage on nexus 4, well I believe 16gb is more than enough. If the user need’s more storage, cloud can be the answer to that….overall nexus 4 is a great phone comparing with s3.


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