OnePlus 5 passes durability test with flying colors


Smartphones these days have no substitutes. They have become very essential devices. That also makes it more important that they are more durable for everyday wear and tear. With that in mind, the newest kid on the block, the OnePlus 5 was put to the ultimate test.

The test was conducted by Zack, who like to rip apart gadgets on his YouTube channel ‘JerryRigEverything’. The test includes bending, scratching and burning the phone to see how it stands the abuse.

Well, for the scratch test, Zack tried scratching the new OnePlus 5 and both the front and the back withstood the test very well. For the burn test, the OnePlus 5 was subjected to an open flame for more than 30 seconds. The flame did leave scars on the AMOLED display but that was because it was mostly unnoticeable.

The most fearsome is the bend test. We emphasize not to try this at home. During the bend test, the metal body OnePlus screen popped out a bit but was easily pressed back to its place. this was because it didn’t have water resistant adhesive underneath the display.
all this means that the phone does pass the test with flying colors. Kudos to OnePlus for making a beautiful yet durable phone.


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