Outlook gets quick reply, fast account switching features in its latest update


Microsoft is pushing an update to the Outlook app on Android bringing some fresh new features to the email client. The overall UI remains intact but features, like switching between multiple accounts, searching for emails and doing conversations with contacts, has become easier. The software giant has also created a small video detailing the new features.

The Outlook app now allows users to keep tabs on more than one email account simultaneously. Not only that. You can also have a Gmail account linked and work on both accounts by simply bringing up the sidebar from the left and clicking on the relevant account. Further, the search feature will allow users to browse folders faster. For that, a new tab or window is no longer needed.

The app home screen also has more emails stacked in line so you can preview more emails at once. A nice convenience for those who answer emails a lot daily. The new quick reply feature enables users to reply an individual or simply choose to add more people to the conversation with Groups feature.

Microsoft is making search more accessible by putting it right in front with this update. Also, the search feature will be powered by Microsoft Graphs making it more intelligent. The search will highlight your keywords. The search tab has been put at the bottom to make it easier to reach. Either type in the name of the sender or the files attached to it will get you the results.

The new features were rolled out for Outlook.com. Android users should see them within 2 months time.

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