Paranoid Android 3 Lands For Nexus Series


Paranoid Android 3 is now successfully landed for Nexus Series. Paranoid is the only ROM after CM and AOKP that is titled with multi-device ROM. Currently new version, Paranoid Android 3 supports only Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus.

paranoid android 3

Its loaded with a feature known as Hybrid Engine (HE). In actual words it allow you to change the layout of the entire device and for individual apps. Taking an example, you can switch to the tablet UI for the Google+ app  or any other app that is compatible with it.

Another feature that debuted in Paranoid Android 3 is PIE Control system. It gives the ability to users to disable on-screen buttons, instead using swipe gestures to access various features of the smartphone and OS. Another new feature is Per-app color, in PA3 and recent pre-release builds, allows you set system UI colors on a per-app basis. For more information checkout its review:

You can even enjoy some visualization of PIE control system on your default OS by downloading LMT launcher. To download the ROM head over to the source links below. Developers are also stating that it will debut on other devices too soon.

Additionally, News was leaked some days ago regarding features which landed today.

Source:  Paranoid Android

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