Samsung Project J Comprises Three Devices; Galaxy S IV, S IV Mini And Smartwatch


Samsung Project J is not a single device as revealed earlier in news about Project J. According to new report leaked by folks over at Sammobile says that it is not a single device or any new technology. Despite Samsung Project is the group of devices comprises; much rumored Samsung Galaxy S IV, S IV Mini and a smartwatch.

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As according to leaked list, Project J Altius (Galaxy S IV) will come packed with accessories like a Clear Cover, Flip Cover, Protective Cover, Pouch, Extra Battery Kit, Battery 2600 mAh, Wireless Charging Kit, HDTV Adapter and a Headset.  So from we can assume that Galaxy S IV will come powered by 2600 mAh battery.

Other device is Project J Mini (S IV Mini)which uses the code name Serrano. It seems to come packed with aClear Cover, a Flip Cover and a Protective Cover. There aren’t that many details known about the Serrano.

Last one is a smartwatch, developed under Project J Active and code named Fortius. It will come packed with Arm Band, Bike Mount and a Pouch. After Motorola, Samsung is also seems to enter Smartwatch market soon after its launch.

All above Project J seems to be interesting but when its coming? What’s did you say?

Source : Sammobile


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