Push the Box : Game Review


The Green pigs over the screen has ruled for a bit of time on android now. here comes another game on android that features Green Pigs . The game is pretty simple but is being tricky and a few times. The game has a nice interface and worked on Swiping the screen. as all other Green pig games this game also comes with a free and paid versions.

The main aim in the game is to free up some Piggies which are imprisoned and guarded by a few awful and bloodthirsty wolves and animals. Well the player has to push a few boxes a certain pattern to get the piggies freed or get stuck in the game by making a bad move over the boxes. The game has a timer in which we have to complete a certain task.

The game is actually evolved from a simpler and basic game version that is just simply pushing the boxes to get to one place in a  set manner. But this game has much to reveal at each level with new mechanisms and difficulty. The game is a bit too much addictive at first but on increasing difficulty levels it becomes a bit too messy and boring. the level design itself is sometimes quite lacking, with many flabby elements that could be refined and simply removed altogether. To me, the sign of a great puzzle game is that nothing seems to be wasted; everything is (or can be) clean and efficient and you feel creatively involved when completing a level in such a way.

The game has a nice creative interface  &  background. with over more than 100 levels split up in 5 areas.

Well the aim of the game cannot be reached just by passing the box we have to be much cautious about the obstructions like fire water or monsters which make su think hard to make the best timings to shift the box . and a few times we need to lock the animal somewhere to complete  the level so this game is really too much tricky.

Well the Game has nothing much new but can be resembled to cut the Rope. By my clear reference i will never buy the Whole product on Google Play but the free version is at least worth a try. Give a try atleast to these Green Pigs 😛

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