RE-VOLT Classic Racing Game Now Available From Play Store


Wego Interactive has launched RE-VOLT Classic racing game for Android and you can download it from the Play Store. The new racing game include  exciting driving, with explosive weapons and unique track designs deliver a larger than life racing experience like no other.

revolt classic racing game

Re-Volt racing games are also available on the N64, Dreamcast, PC and Playstation. There are total of 14 race tracks, 42 cars and 5 ways to play the Re-Volt Classic racing game. There are up to 12 car races in Championship and Single Race modes namely Arcade style Time Trials, track’s Practice mode, stunt arena many others.

Each track has has global ranking system and there are some racing advancements like Reverse way in Touch Control mode, Car relocation and some others.

Head over to the Play Store link to buy it for $4.50 and enjoy it.

Source: Play Store


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