[Report] Tablet shipments to outpace PC Sector by Q4


In the advancement of technology, most people love to do things on the go, play games, listen to music, reading books, but all on the go. That is most people are preferring the portable version of PC, the Tablet sector or even the Phone sector. Nowadays, Phones and Tablets are enabled with much powerful chipsets to give them more power than of a regular PC. Chipsets like Qualcomm 800 and Tegra 3 are really much powerful than most of the Intel chip that powers up PC.


But a recent research might hint up that the Tablet sector will be more popular and will overcome PC sector in the coming following years.

Market research firm IDC is reporting that they expect to see tablet shipments outnumber total PC shipments in the next quarter (Q4, 2013) and on an annual basis by Q4. According to them, tablet shipments will reach a massive  84.10 million units, outpacing PC’s 83.10 million units.

On annual basis, IDC Predicts that a total of 227.3 million tablets units are expected to ship this year, which will account only a 14.6 %  of the total smart  connected devices. They also predicts that the overall smart-connected-devices will grow by 27.8% year-by-year, much less than it’s previous year’s records. Thanks to poor PC sales, the rate of smart connected devices have fallen.

In addition, the IDC report notes that smartphones will continue to ship in large numbers, surpassing 1.4 billion units in 2015 and a majority of these shipments will come from sub-$350 smartphones.

Read the full press release here.

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