[ReShare] Ex-Google Employees Launches Remix Ultra Tablet

Three ex-Google senior engineers – Jeremy Zhou, David Ko, and Ben Luk – who worked on various Google products, including Google Search, Google AdWords, and Google Maps, formed Jide Technology in 2014 for launching phones and tablets in the market which are most needed and useful.Why? Because they “couldn’t stand the drawbacks of the tablets and laptops” on the market today, apparently.


The tablet is called Remix ultra-tablet. It’s a 2-in-1 tablet and laptop with an 11.6-inch Full HD display, and it comes with a full size, magnetic keyboard as well as a kickstand.It is both in appearance and functionality similar to Surface but doesn’t run Windows.The new user-interface seems to be a cross between Android Lollipop and Microsoft’s Metro design language. It can do multi-tasking and multi-windows,and it allows for multiple apps to run in phone mode.Other software features include a taskbar for switching between apps, as well as a file manager, notification center, and automatic system upgrades, while hardware specs include a 1920 x 1080 display, 2GB of RAM, Nvidia Tegra 4+1 processor, and a 4-pin charging connector.To know more you can go to the link given below in the source.

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