Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy Mega 6.3

The Samsung galaxy note was earlier known for it’s size and high end performance, along with a devil screen size that lets you do anything with ease/ And the Note family had been dominating the 5 inch above size smartphones, and those who wanted to go with the devil screen size, without hesitatingly chose the Note 2. But now the company is thinking to change the scenario. With the launch of the Galaxy Mega family, things may change in the coming time. So you might need to give it a second thought before buying the Note 2 now. Now Note 2 has a competitor from the Galaxy Family itself, the Galaxy Mega 6.3. So which one to choose and which not? Don’t worry, we would compare the two phones for you in this post i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy Mega 6.3, head to head comparision.


Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy Mega 6.3:

So in this post we would compare the two phones head to head.Comparing their specifications, and also listings the reasons to buy each phone over the other, so lets start our head to head, comparision between Note 2 and Galaxy Mega 6.3.

Reasons to Buy Mega 6.3 :

Bigger things first, now here are some of the reasons that you should consider while buying mega 6.3, and the benefits of the Mega 6.3 which dominate those on the Galaxy Note 2.

  • Galaxy Mega is capable of recording more higher resolution movies as compared to Note 2, it captures at 3264X2448, while the Note 2 does it at 1080p only.
  • obviously a larger display, will get things like typing easy and plus the gaming and the video experience is surely going to be better on the device.
  • Also it is comparitively thinner than the Galaxy Note 2. it is 8mm, while the Note 2 is 9mm. Slight difference, but yes there is a difference.
  • Also the processor on the device is a bit faster than the Galaxy Note 2. It is 1.7GHz while it is 1.6GHz on the Note 2.

Reasons to Buy Note 2:

So here are some of the reasons that you might want to still consider the Note 2 over the mega 6.3.

  • Yes the Note 2 has a comparitively higher internal memory as compared to Mega 6.3. It has 64GB while the mega has 16GB.
  • Again this might sound funny, but yes the Note 2 has an internal FM Radio, but it won’t be available in the Mega 6.3
  • The display is much more vivid, as it has Super AMOLED, while the display on the Mega 6.3 is a TFT CD display only.
  • Also the pixel density on this device is higher, it has 267ppi, while the Mega has a pixel density of 233ppi only.
  • Also the Note 2 is lighter than the Mega 6.3, weighs arounf 180g while the mega 6.3 weighs around 200g.

So these were the main reasons to consider either device on the other device, being compared. So this was our take on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy Mega 6.3, do let us know if you have any more points in the comment section below.

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