Samsung Galaxy S3 And iPhone 5 Web Usage Have Small Difference


Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 are sharing 50-50% of web usage. As according to Chitika analysis both the devices are having the small difference in the web usage reports for US and Canada. In exact iPhone is sticked to 51% , while Galaxy S3 have 49% of share.

Chitika web usage report

If we took some measures from the past than iPhone was at 56% and Samsung was having 44% share. So its clear that the Samsung is also making its place in Internet Usage market in North American markets, where Apple was or is much strong than any other region.

As according to the report, now iPhone 5 have only 1% lead over the Galaxy S3. Chitkia has collected data based on web traffic from February 1 to February 9, so these trends may not be that true.

Chitika web usage report

While if we see overall trend (with all leading companies) than iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III users generate a combined 13%. Here both devices, iPhone 5 captures 6.6% (previously was 3%) of the total web traffic and the GS3 at 6.4% (up from 2%). Now if we go through company wise than Samsung shared 20.6% traffic which is up three points since October, while Cupertino dipped from 46% to 41.5%. While both companies generated  62.1% in those 9 days.

Source: Chitika


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