Alleged Samsung Galaxy Watch Screenshots Leaked


Alleged Samsung Galaxy Watch’s screenshots gets leaked today. According to leak its not running on Android, having Altius / Altios OS. Techkiddy has caught some of a few screenshots floating about a Korean message board which, it is claimed, offer an insight into the supposed smart watch, which is being dubbed the ‘Galaxy Watch’.

samsung galaxy watch

As mentioned above its not running on Android OS, So finally, Samsung’s ‘Galaxy’ device would out of the hood without Android. According to previous rumors, Galaxy Watch is codenamed Altios, and spelt as Altius. Samsung Galaxy Altius Watch comes with the support of mobile network.

Additionally, Samsung fanboy’s site Sammobile is doubting Samsung Galaxy Watch Screenshots authenticity as they believe that the name “Altius” is thought to be the codename of the Galaxy S IV. Some more images are attached below:

Guys What you say?


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