Samsung Galaxy SIII vs LG Nexus 4


Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the best seller high end smartphone from Samsung in the last year. But still the phone is recieving many sales around the world even today in 2013. And so it does, to be as it a really good choice even today. But in the same price range as off SIII LG launched it’s Nexus 4. So one must be wondering that with what phone should phone go. They both are high smartphones, priced at around $490 approxiamtely. However the SIII was much expensive at the time of launch and later months, but the price considerably came down as Samsung rolled out some new devices.

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs LG Nexus 4

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs LG Nexus 4:

So in this post  will compare the two phones, listing their Pro’s and Con’s and some common pro’s of the both phones over the other phones in the same price tag.

Reasons to Buy LG Nexus over Samsung Galaxy SIII:

So here are the reasons to buy and prefer the Nexus 4 over the Smartphone, that is designed for humans, yes the Samsung  Galaxy SIII.

  • Resolution of the display is comparitively higher, 1280X768 , while the  Samsung Galaxy SIII has 720X1280.
  • It also has a slightly more powerful processor under it’s hood. It has 1.5 GHz Quad Core, vs the 1.4GHz Quad core on the SIII
  • The pixel density of the screen is higher. 317ppi vs305 ppi.
  • Yes the Galaxy runs on the latest and comes pre-intsalled with the latest version of Android. Jelly Bean 4.2.2.
  • It has comparitively Higher RAM. Nexus 4 has 2GB of RAM, where as the Samsung Galaxy SIII only has 1GB of RAM.

Reasons to Consider the Samsung Galaxy SIII:

So here are some reasons to consider the Samsung Galaxy SIII over the LG Nexus 4.

  • The screen on the SIII is much vivid, as it is a SUPER AMOLED display, whereas it just a normal LCD on the Nexus 4.
  • es, this might sound funny, but the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a built in Radio, whereas the Nexus 4 does not have any.
  • The internal storage is higher on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It has 32 GB, whereas the Nexus 4 just has 16 GB.
  • Also the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a better front camera, that promises more quality of video calling as compared to Nexus 4. It has 1.9MP while the Nexus 4 just has 1.3MP of front camera.

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So these were some of the reasons to buy, however both these smartphones have almost identical specs, and hardly would make any difference in the displays, or even in the processing power. But the main difference would fall in the designs of the smartphones. As the looks really matter. And also one should keep in mind that whether the customer service of the phone you are buying among the two as above is good in the location you live. So by analysing these points you would be very easy to go, and decide which phone works out better with you.

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